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Review of: Ford's Garage

$$ American restaurant

location:8201 Vineland Avenue, Suite 1801/  Vineland, FL 32821

"We are known for three things: BEERS. BURGERS. BATHROOMS," says our server as we take a seat at the table.

I'm sorry. Maybe I didn't hear correctly. Did he say... Bathrooms?!?

I immediately check out the restroom and never before have I been so impressed by a ladies' room! The sinks are two huge tires and the water spicket is a gas pump!

The entire restaurant is fantastically themed with the servers dressed as mechanics, a car part and rag covering the utensils and even a full-sized Ford Model car placed on top of the bar that every so often honks and steams out of the back. The kitchen is labeled "Assembly Line", there are car engines as decor and no surprise, NBC sports is playing on the TV screen of professional drivers.

And the Food was three things: Tasty. Delectable. Delicious! 

Try out Ford's Garage! I know you'll love it!

Review of: Chef Art Smith's Homecomin'

$$ American Restaurant

Location: Disney Springs

"Welcome Home" said the host of Homecomin' as we took our seats in the southern-style eatery in the heart of Disney Springs, located in the middle of the Town Center.

Though it was a Friday night, the wait for a table was only  20minutes and we were ready to look at the delicious menu for dinner. Right away I noticed a theme: chicken! Chicken salad, Chicken sandwich, Chicken and doughnuts seem to be their most popular items. Scrolling though the one page menu, I finally decided on a starter: Church Lady deviled eggs made with the perfect amount of mustard and mayo. Scrumptious!

The sweet tea was highly flavorable and the never ending refills were not enough as I kept requesting more of this refreshing beverage.

I ordered the kitchen plate which consisted of:

cheddar cheese biscuits which is even better than it sounds!

roasted sweet potatoes which I wasn't a huge fan of

Mamma's Mac and Cheese which was oozing with flavor. I put my fork in the creamy pasta and the hot cheese bubbled over, attaching its goodness to my fork.

Homecomin' provides comfort food surrounded by a classy charm ambience for the entire family to enjoy, perfect after a full day of shopping at Disney Springs!