Treebok Pets creates Custom Charcoal Portraits from your photos! Artist Reebok Brown shows us her creative side in this month's piece of "What's In Your Bag?" 

I am here with artist Reebok Brown who is the owner of Treebok Pets, a personalized design company that creates customized charcoal portraits! I am highlighting this talented designer in this month's piece: "What's In Your Bag?" 

Me: So,  Reebok. Right away...I notice this is not a bag! 

Reebok: My bag is actually a box because this is the container I use to transport my art supplies when I take my work on-the-go! I attend a lot of local festivals around the Northeast Atlanta area, setting up my easel and letting people watch me work. It’s a lot of fun to hear people’s comments as they pass by!

Me: Very fun! Well, let's get started. Tell me about this cute looking dog potrait!

Reebok: The dog portrait is a small print of the one that started it all! In October of 2017, Hurricane Irma was flying up the East Coast. We didn’t have anywhere near the damage that our coastline sister cities experienced, but it was enough to knock our power out for a few days. On Day 2 of no power, we were sitting in the living room, kind-of bored. My dog Finn was just mesmerized by the swaying of the trees outside the window. I thought to myself, “he would make the cutest little charcoal drawing”. So I grabbed some charcoal pencils and a pad and went to work.  I put my little picture of Finn up on Etsy as an example photo that winter, and my clientele has been growing ever since!

Me: I love that story! And tell me about the utensils you use.

Reebok: The pencils you see there are the charcoal and pastel pencils I use for my drawings. Really, it’s just compressed chalk. I love working in this medium because it’s so workable- you can really work about as much detail into a portrait as you want!

Me: Very neat! And what is this UPS package for?

Reebok: I generally turn my orders around in 1-2 weeks, so that means almost all of them go through the mail! The USPS package you see there is the smallest one I send, holding a 4x6 inch portrait. I currently do work up to 18x24 inches in size!

Me: Wow!! I love the personal delivery! And what is this blue sticker? 

Reebok: The light blue sticker there represents my Etsy shop, “Treebok” which has processed all of my online orders up until this point. I’m super excited to share that I’ve just opened a personal website, where I will also be accepting orders! This has been a long time in the making and I’m most excited that potential clients will be able to browse through my work, organized by dog breed! (Of course, there are other animals too, but dogs comprise the majority of my work by far!)

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Treebok Pets is passionate about her designs!

Freelance Photographer Charlie opens up about capturing the "magical something we often overlook"

I am here with Freelance Web Designer and Photographer Charlie Akins who invited me  to look into his camera bag in this month's piece : "What's in your bag?" 

Me: So Charlie, the very first thing I notice in your bag is your camera. You said it was a Canon EOS Digital Camera. What are some photos you most enjoy taking?

Charlie: I am well-known for photographing events like reunions, festivals and weddings.  My photography has gathered recognition for a diverse collection of work ranging from landscapes to portraits. I have always enjoyed taking pictures, even before the digital age. Through my lens I strive to capture that magical something we often overlook. It is in these moments that I learn something new about myself, and marvel at the beauty of this extraordinary life

Me: That's really fun! And  I see a journal sticking out of your bag. What is that? 

Charlie: it's a journal I keep of the places I photograph. I will say, my favorite place to photograph is Smith Mountain Lake. I am currently working on a coffee table book of pictures of the lake. I  live near the Smith Mountain Lake and can be found kayaking on the water with my pup while taking pictures. 

Me: That's so cute! I'm sure the pictures by the water are gorgeous. Now, I see you have your business cards in the front pocket. What kind of services do you offer? 

Charlie: I am all about discovering new designs and approaches by creating professional websites and effective marketing pieces. l help my clients build a strong business by creating a user-friendly website and other quality marketing materials.

Me: That's very impressive. And anyone who wants to hire Charlie to build a professional website can click on his link below. And one last thing... is that a watch in your bag?

Charlie: Yes. because because timing is everything. 🙂


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Photographer Charlie Akins with his dachshund, Nick.

I wanted to feature Author Jason Korsiak in this edition of "What's in Your Bag?" Jason opens up about his books, his passion for superheroes and a Christmas VHS that brought clarity to his faith. 


I am here with Author Jason Korsiak who has written seven books. Jason has been a professional speaker for thirteen years, talking at churches, graduations, and as a guest lecturer at Pasco-Hernando State College. He proudly serves as Youth Pastor of Joining Hands Mission United Methodist Church in New Port Richey, FL. I asked Jason..."What's in Your Bag?" 

Me: Welcome Jason! Wow! You've written quite a few books! Tell me about your book "Marvin Mac's Bad Day." 


Jason:  I am most excited about Marvin Mac's Bad Day, my first book. I released it in April 2017 but just came out with a brand-new Special Edition. It is a macabre storybook for grown-ups about the worst day in the life of the unluckiest man in the world, and it's written as a collection of limericks. I painted the illustrations with my trusty watercolors, along with some acrylic and colored pencil. I wrote it just to tell a funny story, but what amazes me most is how often people tell me they read it when they have a bad day and how it makes them feel better, but what amazes them most is that I first created it when I was only 8 years old! That original version is now included as part of the bonus content of the new Special Edition, which I will be promoting all March with at least six book signings.

Me: Awesome! And have fun on your book signings! I see you have a Spiderman action figure and a book called The Superhero Gospels. Tell me about that book!

Jason:  What I am best-known for is my Gospels series, a collection of devotionals about positive lessons we can learn from movies. As you can see from my Spider-Man action figure, I am a huge fan of superheroes, and The Superhero Gospels is by far my most popular book. It explores spiritual themes we can find in movies like Superman, Batman, the Avengers, and so many more.  My second most-popular book is The Princess Gospels, which explores what we can learn from beloved Princess movies like Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. I present live shows based on my books and I am working on a stage show based off this book, which will launch late April, early May.

Me: How fun!  I see a lot of Christmas books and The Night Before Christmas VHS. Tell me about all this. You must love Christmas!

Jason: I love Christmas specials, and the VHS in the back holds special meaning to me. That particular tape was given to me by godmother when I was a kid, and I would fall asleep watching it every Christmas Eve. I grew up in Queens, NY, but my family moved to Florida right before I turned 7. I couldn't sleep that Christmas Eve; I was homesick for my friends, for snow, and for my family. Since I couldn't sleep, I did the one thing I'd never done before – watched all the way to the end of the tape. The final short on the video was a recreation of the First Noel, made with puppets. Even though I'd heard the story, it came alive in a way it never had before. I finally “got”  what Christmas – and, by extension, Jesus – was all about. I consider that night to be the night I became a Christian, all because of some Christmas cartoons. Today, Christmas is such a busy time, so I wrote The Christmas Gospels to help us get just a little more out of the holiday specials we often watch anyway, like Rudolph, Frosty, and the Grinch. I love Christmas. In fact, I love it so much that I wrote a second Christmas book, Christmas Addict, about a social experiment I did in which I celebrated Christmas for an entire year! 

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Author Jason Korsiak

I wanted to feature Literary Translator Mayra Bravo in this edition of "What's in Your Bag?" This English/Spanish teacher, Wife and Mother shares her talent, her translated books and her goals to stay healthy in life! 

I am here with Literary Translator Mayra Bravo who has translated the books: “Mi casa Uptown” and “Este es mi Cielo” into Spanish.  Mayra stays busy, collaborating with Grupo Scribere, a translation ministry based in Ecuador. She spends her time working on different translation projects and  translates Christian books and articles as a freelancer while serving as an interpreter in Victory Church in Atlanta, Georgia. I asked Mayra..."What's in Your Bag?"  

Me: Welcome Mayra! Immediately in your bag I see your two translated books. Let's talk about those! 

Mayra: Those books are two of my favorite projects: “Mi casa Uptown” and “Este es mi Cielo” translated into Spanish. The first one shows a heart for immigrant communities, and how to embrace diversity by sharing the love of Jesus with actions to our neighbors no matter our differences. The second one is one of your books (Author Sunshine Rodgers) which is a great fiction story about how God and His angels work and arrange people and situations in favor of a beloved son. 

Me: That's fantastic! You seem very busy perfecting your craft! Is that why you carry around a laptop in your backpack? 

Mayra: My laptop is  my most important tool when translating. Translation is an art. Translating is the art of getting into the mind of the author and communicating his message without being noticed. 

Me: I see earphones and gloves! Let me guess? You like to stay active?

Mayra: It has been 5 years since I started my fitness journey. I’ve changed my eating habits and became more active. I always carry my training gloves and earphones with me in case I can take a break from my busy lifestyle and go out for a walk or enjoy a good workout. I love biking, weightlifting, and hiking. This is not about losing weight, but about being healthy.  Fitness helps people to fight insecurities, stress, depression, sickness, and illness. It also helps you to be more disciplined in all areas of your life.

Me: And finally...what is that yellow note? 

Mayra: Inside my backpack, in a yellow paper, I carry a personal reminder that helps me keep my faith in the middle of the storms of life. I hope these words from my pastor, Dennis Rouse, help you fight your personal battles: “You are a child of the Almighty God. Know who you are! You don’t need to get approval from anybody but Him. Stop depending on the government, the country where you live, your job, or your race because God is you Father… It doesn’t mind what is against you because He is with you, and He will always be there for you!”

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Literary Translator Mayra Bravo

I wanted to feature Author Nicole Parris in this edition of "What's in your Bag?" This Fantasy Fiction writer opens up about her books,  little "easter eggs" she places in her pages and her personal miracle story!


I am here with author Nicole Parris who has written two books, "Rula The Heist"  and "The 8th Journal."This writer is a busy mother, teacher and avid writer and as an extra bonus plug... Book #2 of "The Rula Series" will be released very soon! I asked Nicole..."What's in your bag?"

Me: So your books look terrific "Rula The Heist" and "The 8th Journal"! The very first thing I notice is the large skeleton key! Tell me about these keys! 

Nicole:  The skeleton key is symbolic of my writing. My novels contain a skeleton key within the story. No matter the genre, title or reference, a special key is presented.  The challenge of finding a way for a special key to play a major or even a small part in each novel is my silent ‘signature’. It’s fun creating separate plots, therefore each holds a common connection.

Me: I love this elephant egg! You said you purchased this at Disney's Epcot? 

Nicole: My marble egg is  heavy and unique. It’s a special egg, one of six I had purchased at Disney’s Epcot in 2007. At that very moment, I wasn’t sure how the eggs would become a key part in one of my novels, but I felt a muse. Over time, their part became the inspiration for plot lines. 

Me: I see a cute little pair of angel wings on the bottom. Is there a story there? 

Nicole: Yes. As an infant, my daughter Wrenn had a double lung transplant. She is 9 years post transplant, a miracle, and celebrates daily milestones. Her journey, relatable conversations and observations with her personal angel brought me closer to God in more ways than I can explain. My faith, since her birth, made me a better person when viewing life, love, people, forgiveness, and those little occurrences I call mini-miracles. I carry the wings as a reminder that God is always with me, and that every day is a gift. No matter how dark the clouds become, I know there will again be light. 

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Author Nicole Parris

"I Go with God" is a family treat!

Jill Ferrie's book "I Go with God" is a great reminder of the power of prayer! She opens up her bag full of fun ways to share the message of God's faithfulness  in this month's segment of "What's in Your Bag?" 


I am here with author Jill Ferrie who has written a children's book (recommended for ages 2-10) "I Go with God."  It’s written in Dr. Seuss-like rhyme but the story is very helpful for readers of every age.This month, I asked Jill..."What's in your bag?"

Me: Instantly, I notice your book "I Go with God" and I think the designs are so cute! Why did you decide to write this children's book?

Jill: One of my favorite things to do is talk to God because God is actually the most powerful friend I have. Prayer  brings me a lot of peace, and it makes me feel happy.  One of the reasons I wrote this book was to help children discover the superpower of prayer for themselves. It’s really quite simple and it can be very exciting.

Me: I love it! And what about this cute little cow keychain? Tell me more about that.

Jill: That  little cow  holds my keys to the campground that my husband and I run in rural northeast Iowa called Harvest Farm ( We transformed our dairy farm into a family campground. So the cow is a great reminder to stay open to change and growth.   

Me: And I see this very big plush! I believe you said his name is Buddy?

Jill:  When I visit my sisters and kids and grandkids who all live in different states, I like to schedule a book signing or story time in a school or bookstore nearby. That’s why Buddy’s in my bag. He’s the main character in my book, and he goes wherever I go. 

Me: Of course, I see you have your bookmarks!

Jill: I use the bookmarks as my business card. I thread a ribbon through the top of each one-- for a splash of color. I like bookmarks because they’re useful.  Instead of giving people a card that gets stuffed into the bottom of a purse or wallet , a bookmark helps readers keep track of where they are. I guess it’s a lot like prayer… practical and helpful.

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Jill Ferrie sharing her book to a group of excited students!

Break Free Mom promotes a healthy lifestyle

Homeschool mom of two kids and the face behind Break Free Mom talks about empowerment and healthy living in this month's segment of "What's In Your Bag?"

I am here with Margaret Joyner, who is promoting Break Free Mom which is all about empowering other moms and women  who feel like they are at a breaking point in their life and are ready to Break Free and live life the way they were meant to. Margaret Joyner hopes to  inspire healthy living through nutrition, fitness, personal development, and encouragement. This month, I asked Margaret Joyner..."What's in your Bag?" 

Me:  Right away I notice you have a very large backpack that contains goodies for the family! I see a lot of drinks. Are they smoothies? 

Margaret:  Smoothies are a staple in my family and I never leave the house without my prepped smoothies for the kids, my husband, and myself for that quick healthy fast food that nourishes us vs slowing us down. When I’m out and about with the family, I typically carry a backpack so that my hands are free and I’m ready at any moment to engage with my family, or catch my run away 3 year old. 

Me: Wow! Sounds very tasty! And What is inside that jar? 

Margaret:  Another one of my healthy fast food go-to’s are my salad in a jar.  I can eat this in the car, at the park, or even when we are at home. Wherever I choose to eat them, they keep me filled and fueled with goodness.

Me: I'm noticing these muffins! They look tasty! 

Margaret: Because my kids aren’t going to eat a salad in a jar (if yours do, i’m totally jealous), I bring my homemade prepared paleo muffins. We try to eat gluten and dairy free as often as possible, so these banana, lemon poppy seed, and chocolate muffins are a hit with my 9 and 3 year old for meal time.

Me: Because you are an active family, I can imagine you stay hydrated! Do I see a blue water container?

Margaret: We can’t leave home without our water. My kiddos have their BPA free water bottles that we purchased at walmart for $0.98 and I carry my half gallon that I purchased from Whole Foods so I don’t have to worry about refilling all the time and can stay on track with my water intake. 

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The face behind Break Free Mom: Margaret Joyner

The bag of a hard working author and mother!

Christian Author Avlon McCreadie pours out her talent in a total of six amazing novels and two children's storybooks!! She joins me in this month's segment of "What's in your Bag?" to share that not only is she a successful author...but a prepared mother! 

I am here with Christian Author Avlon McCreadie who has written several books including Where Darkness Isn't Dark and Here There and Everywhere: The Boy with the Gifted Eyes. She is currently working on her next book Living in the unseen world which is expected to be released soon. I asked this talented author to share with me...Avlon, "What is your bag?"

Me: So I love this big bag!! I'm sure it fits everything you need for the day! 

Avlon: I have quite a big bag because I need space to carry all my bags 🙂 I always have between four and five reusable bags in my one big bag. They are for my groceries. But sometimes they are also for that person who thought that they only needed a few items and ended up in a balancing act. I like to have an extra bag for that person.

Me: That's nice to be prepared! Now, what is that blue packet on the right corner?

Avlon: That blue packet thingy is called a blind bag. There is a toy car inside but you don't know what kind of car it is until you open the bag. My little son always gets a 'Friday Pressie', and that is his present for this week. I also carry extra toys and balloons too. Sometimes parents are standing in queues waiting and their toddlers don't feel like waiting. Who can blame them right? Waiting is no fun. But it can get a little frustrating for the parent so I ask them if they mind if I give their kid a toy to entertain them for a while. It's quite interesting how a toy from a stranger can turn a loud impatient toddler into a quiet and shy angel 🙂

Me: I see the blue toy car on the edge there. What a fun mystery present! I see you are carrying a pocket Bible :)

Avlon: You just never know when the Holy Spirit is going to nudge you to pass that on to someone.

Me: Now...I love  seeing your book  Here There and Everywhere: The Boy with the Gifted Eyes which you say is your favorite book even though you wrote it!

Avlon:  Which is a bit of an odd thing to say ... but the truth is I was not the author, I was merely the servant. This book is very special to me.  While in deep prayer, the words for this book came to me.... almost like someone turned the radio on while I was praying! 

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Christian Author Avlon McCreadie