Christian Author Jonnie Kidd Whittington

I wanted to feature Christian author Jonnie Kidd Whittington on my blog post for the month of September. This writer, piano teacher and VLOGgger has gained momentum with her stories of heart, family and faith!

Me: So Jonnie, you have written several books. What is your advice to aspiring authors?

Jonnie: I have 4 tips To Aspiring Writers 1. Start writing today! Don’t put it off. The right time is now. You already know what you want to write about. Write the first chapter. You can always change it later. 2. Write a mind map. This is fun and very useful. It will help you understand your theme and give you an outline for your chapters. 3. Make an appointment with yourself for a time to write and keep that appointment every day that you have scheduled. 4. Study marketing so that you know what to do with your book when it’s written.

Me: Those are great tips! And what do you hope your audience will gain by reading your books? 

Jonnie: I hope my readers are informed, instructed, and entertained by my 4-book Kidd Family Series. I hope they will draw closer to God as they gain knowledge about Him and His Word through my 5 book Bible Study books.  I hope children are enlightened and enthused about having good social skills, and learn to play the piano through my Katy Kidd Children’s books which are 4 readers and 4 coloring books.  I hope older readers are encouraged to write their story because of my Late Bloomer book.

Me: What inspired you to write your first book?

Jonnie: I was first inspired to write when after prayer for new Sunday School lessons, it felt as if God took my hand and guided me to mark in my Bible the outline for what I knew, at that moment, would become a Bible study book - my first book - Building Your House. I find ideas for my books from life, the Bible and other books, sermons, and people.

Me: Now, you are not JUST a writer. You have a Vlog. Tell me about that!

Jonnie: I have a blog that has turned into a Vlog called Hidden Treasures where many of my nearly 100 videos appear on You Tube. My channel is Turnaround Tuesday Bible Study. I have videos from my three Bible study books I wrote: 1. Wives of the Bible, 2. Building Your House, 3. Protecting Your House from Pests. Currently, I am doing Stories, Poems and Songs. 

Me: What is next for you? 

Jonnie:  I am currently working on a 2nd book of Wives of the Bible and also ghost writing a novel about a woman's family story called Follow Your Heart, and producing another video every week for Turnaround Tuesday Bible Study on YouTube. I will soon launch my online Jonnie Notes Piano Lessons. Fun fact, If you want to learn to play the piano, I could teach you and will soon come out with online lessons. After 50 years I still teach private lessons and love it just like I did the first time I taught!

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Just some of Jonnie Kidd Whittington's book titles

Andy Carpenter, the face behind Voices of Freedom

Voice of Freedom is a forum for poets to express "colorful images and textured expressions...

written in forward thinking ways that resonate with people from all walks of life." I wanted to feature Andy Carpenter, the man behind this unique creative outlet on my blog post for the month of August.


Me: So Andy, what inspired you to create Voices of Freedom?

Andy: I believe that poetry has found itself unnecessarily in the dark. When most  people hear the word "poetry" they are put off by ideas of needlessly long words and strict, traditional technique...this is not the poetry of today and not the means of expression I surround myself in. By selecting the right artists and using the correct methods of reach I strive to reach people who previously have not been exposed to work that can speak to them. The colourful images and textured expressions I aim to share are written in modern, forward thinking ways that resonate with people from all corners of the world and all walks of life. Poetry can have a much bigger place in the world today and aim to make steps to achieve this.

Me: What is Voices of Freedom and why is the forum so unique?

Andy: Voices of Freedom is an extremely small group of 26 people with no aims to grow or expand our numbers. The artists have been carefully selected to represent many cultures and ages so the images and thoughts our work creates can resonate with large numbers of readers. We work with a zero pressure and zero expectation  which drives an environment perfect for the highest levels of creation. As a team we contribute to anthologies (Winding Path of Life / Dreamer), proof read / edit, book production and marketing. We have artists in the group that create wonderful paintings and drawings that accompany our work in our books.  Our aim is not to make money, but to share and drive poetry forward and reach as many people with the art we so passionate about.

Me: Tell me more about your books!

Andy: I have made two Voices of Freedom Books the first was called "The Winding Path of Life" and the second was called "Dreamer". "The Winding Path of Life" attempts to be a concept book and take the reader on a journey from our earliest steps to our final breathes. The group was a little smaller then with only 12 contributors from UK, USA, Nigeria, Philippines and Canada. We explore the human relationship with the journey of life and the experiences we encounter as we proceed on this journey.  The second book I made for Voices of freedom is called "Dreamer" and it is a beast of an Anthology spanning over 250 pages with 20 contributors from UK, USA, Phillipines, Nigeria, India, Canada and South Africa.  "Dreamer" explores our hopes, dreams, fears and nightmares and was the biggest project I have ever taken on. All our books are available via Amazon.

Me: What do you hope your audience will gain from reading your books?

Andy: I hope our words will resonate with them and that they are able to emotionally connect with us. If just one person read our work and then wrote their first poem and began their poetic journey I would be delighted.

Me: What is next for Voices of Freedom? Another book?

Andy: We are currently building Anthology 3 "As a Matter of Ink". We have moved away from a concept for this book and it is a collection of our finest works. This is still a long way from being ready. We work slowly, continually focussing on quality and giving ourselves the time we need to remain creative poets.  We are only at the start of our journey but by working with a smile on our face we will continue to grow, meet the right people and work towards our goals.

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The Voices of Freedom's 2nd Anthology "Dreamer"

Audio Book Producer Nicola MacCameron

Nicola MacCameron is an Audio Book Producer who is unique as she claims  she has "African in my soul, British in my upbringing, and Canadian in most other things. My voice reflects that diversity and variety and versatility." Let's welcome Nicola as my featured guest!

For the month of July, I wanted to feature Audio Book producer Nicola MacCameron. She has narrated pieces with such authenticity, turning the stories into audiobook-masterpieces. She has narrated a collection of works including nonfiction, fiction and children's books, including my own book The Creation Project. Thank you Nicola for taking the time to speak with me today!

Me: Welcome Nicola! First...why don't you tell me a little about yourself. Who is the woman behind the voice? 

Nicola: I am a highly sensitive creative being made in God's image. He has been a constant presence in my life since I was gravely ill as a 5 year old. Many years later I realized the "Presence" overshadowing my bed was actually Jesus, holding my life in safety. I love people! I believe community is our most important resource and I love to foster unlikely connections. I love animals and am happy to say they seem to know I won't hurt them. I love children and the Colour Fairy Series by Maggie Jeffrey gives me vibrant contact with them through readings at nursery schools and birthday parties. I am African in my soul, British in my upbringing, and Canadian in most other things. My voice reflects that diversity and variety and versatility. I married my high school sweetheart 30 years ago and we have one highly independent, world changing, creative daughter to our credit. 

Me: Now, you have narrated quite a few books! Your books range from fiction to nonfiction and children's books! Do you have a book that you can say was your favorite to work on? 

Nicola : I don't play favorites. I invest myself in the project at hand with all my heart and soul. That said, I get a different rush of joy and creative satisfaction from fiction that brings God into sharper focus.  I love the demand on my own emotions and the personal connection that fosters. I hope that echoes in our listeners' hearts.  I am constantly auditioning for brilliant stories written by wonder-inducing authors. Truly the variety is stimulating!

Me: What advice would you give to others looking to be an audio book producer?

Nicola: Be wise in the projects you undertake. It takes time to know yourself - how your voice is going to react to the demands, how you'll find the time to sit in the closet, how fast you can complete the tasks that can be monotonous. To build your reputation, shoot for the top i.e. audition for the high selling projects, but don't be so proud that you won't take the humbler projects on your way to being a top producer.

Me: What inspired you to be an audio book producer?

Nicola: Humanity inspires me. Resilience, Grace, Adaptability, Creativity and just plain whackiness! It's the most fun I can have with all the characters in my head!  I regularly hear people say they like my voice, or that the way I speak is intriguing enough that they want to keep listening.

Me: Are there any new books or upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

Nicola: I am presently narrating The Long Lost Fantasy by Ella Rose Carlos. A young warrior discovers a dark secret that links his tribe's leadership to long held prejudices and crumbing lies.

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Just some of Nicola's audio book titles

Fiction Author Susan Bushell

Fiction Author Susan Bushell talks about her books "The Descendants Series" and what to expect with Book #4! Read her full interview on my featured segment for the month of June!

For the month of June, I wanted to feature  Fiction Author Susan Bushell. Her writings are a blend of mystery, history and spirituality. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me about your books and writings! 

Me: So, tell me a little about your books.

Susan: The Descendants Series is a blend of mystery, historical and spiritual fiction. The first three in the series are: The Acceptance, The Promise and The Revelation. The main body of the series follows one of twelve modern day disciples as she searches for something that has been hidden for centuries. Will she find what she seeks or is it the journey that changes her and the world around her. All will be revealed in book four, which I am currently writing.

Me: That sounds like a fascinating read! What do you hope your readers will take away from your books?

Susan: That we are never alone, and light overcomes darkness.

Me: Great message! What makes your books unique than similar books in your genre?

Susan: I have been told my books are more spiritual than religious. The twelve disciples, like the original disciples, are empowered and guided to bring hope, knowledge and love to the world. Offering assistance and guidance to those suffering or in need.

Me: Now, you've been very successful as a writer. What is your advice for anyone wanting to be an author?

Susan: Write your passion, keep writing and learning. There are so many wonderful learning sources for authors available online.

Me: What’s next for you? You mentioned you're currently writing a book now. 

Susan: I am currently working on several books, one being the last in The Descendants series.


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The first three books in The Descendants Series

Pastor and Christian Author Jay McCaig

Pastor and Christian Author Jay McCaig asks us to FOCUS on his debut book about 5 Critical Areas for Spiritual Growth for Christians and Churches! 

I wanted to spotlight Christian Author Jay McCaig for this month's featured piece. He is the author of the book "Focus: Five Critical Areas of Spiritual Growth For Christians and Churches." He is also a Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in St. Cloud, FL.  I had the joy of interviewing Jay about his faith and his book!  

Me: Jay, Thank you for sitting down with me today. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Jay: I was born in Lakeland, FL and although I have traveled to many places in the world, I have always made my home here in Florida. My wife Vee and I have three children and ten amazing grandbabies! I am the Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in St Cloud, FL and Staff Chaplain at St Cloud Regional Medical Center. Oh yeah, Go Gators!

Me: I love how you are so active in the community! Let's talk about your book, "Focus." Tell me about your debut Nonfiction piece! 

Jay: Each of the letters in the title of FOCUS represents a different area of spiritual growth. F – Freedom; O – Others; C – Cross; U – Understanding; S – Salvation. Each topic is unpacked in a simple, easy to understand way to help the reader take their next step of personal spiritual growth and draw closer to Christ. I also added some tips in case another Pastor wants to adapt the lessons for their own use and some follow up questions to help the reader go deeper into the topic, if the desire.

Me: I love that! And What do you hope readers will take away from your books?

Jay: I hope that people take away that growing spiritually doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Quite the contrary, God desires our growth and has His power to see it happen. We simply must do the things He tells us in His Word.

Me: Since you are a pastor, I want to ask you..what is some advice on anyone wanting to go into Christian ministry?

Jay: Make sure it is a calling and not just a desire. Desires are powered by us and often fall short. Callings, on the other hand, are empowered by Christ and His power never falls short. I know many Pastors standing in the pulpit today that view the Pastorate as nothing more than a way to get a paycheck.

Me: Great advice! What’s next for you? Any events or ideas for new books in the future?

Jay: I am working on a series of books exploring the Christian disciplines and how to implement them into our daily life. I have also started recording “5 Minute Sermons” live on my Facebook page and archiving them on my Youtube channel. I am hoping that I can give simple understanding to complex topics/issues in a super short format that doesn’t waste peoples time with a lot of chatter and fluff.

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Musician Bill Kincaid

Talented Musician Bill Kincaid takes a break from his performing to talk about his music!

Thank you so much Bill Kincaid for allowing me to feature you on my blog! The Kincaid Band performs constantly at events and music halls around East Tennessee. I'm so happy you, the lead guitarist, could sit down with me and let others get to know the man behind the music. 

Me: We'll get started. What got you inspired to play music and to be in a band? 

Bill: I grew up singing in church and I always liked musicals espcially Wizard of Oz which is my all time favorite. I asked my parents if I could play in the school band and my dad, who  was a  drummer in his  high school marching band , advised me to play something where I  can learn to read music. My very first instrument was a Clarinet. 

Me: That so fun that music had such an impact on you at an early age. I have to know, who is your all time favorite musician and why?

Bill: It's a tie between Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles. I love listening to Jimi because the way he played guitar then... nobody else was doing that... and with the hair, the clothes and the loud amps.. I said “I want to do that”. With The Beatles, I have to say it's  because when I was a "wee lad".. that’s all you heard on the radio and to this day when I hear their music it takes me back to when I was a teenager.

Me: I especially like The Beatles song "Good day Sunshine." I don't know why, but I always thought they were talking directly to me. So, What is your favorite gig/concert that you ever played and why?

Bill:  Years ago, my band opened up for Molly Hatchett  and the place was packed. They called out our name... we hit the stage... and boom! I didn’t know where I was for the first few minutes of our first song!!  Thank goodness for our bassist who came over and nudged me and then I was like "Oh, we are playing for several thousand people!"  After that song, the set   was over in 40 minutes... fastest 40 minutes of my life. It was a great thrill!

Me: I'll bet that was a rush! And finally, what is your advice for anyone wanting to get into the music industry?

Bill: Be as good as possible on your skills, playing, singing, etc..… Read up on what other folks have done. Go see local musicians .. you can learn a lot from watching. When you are ready find a local place that have “jam nights” and go in with your band or solo and see how you stand. Don’t stand pat..keep trying to be better! 

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The Kincaid Band! 




Author Delores Leggett Walker

Christian Author Delores Walker celebrates new book release!


I am here with author Delores Leggett Walker who is celebrating the releases of her new book Daughtry. Delores is a Christian Fiction author who is passionate about her work and celebrates stories that talk about romance, history, friendship and a continual dependence on God.


Me: Your new book Daughtry was just released! Tell me about it!


Delores: Daughtry is the second novella in my Destiny Diaries Series and is available at Amazon in paperback and ebook versions.


All of my books are listed at Amazon. Those include the Promise Trilogy (Legend of PromiseGathering PromisesPromises Kept), Sailor (Book one in the Destiny Diaries Series), and Daddy’s Supper Tales.


Me: What genre would you say your books fall under?


Delores: My books are Christian Fiction. They are jam-packed with life, not the preachy side of life, but the kind that tells stories about everyday folks and how they find answers to life-changing situation with God’s help.


Me: Describe your books. What can we expect from your stories? 


Delores: The Promise Trilogy chronicles a short time period in the life of Loren Taylor, who at the death of her grandmother discovers a beautiful Civil War quilt that leads her on a journey to North Georgia to learn its history. Along the way, she is pursued by an evil man that tries to take her inheritance and all that it represents and is introduced to the love of her life, a U.S. Marshal named Colton Shaw.


Sailor is a novella that deals with hidden pain that stems from personal tragedy. Although she appears to be the picture of a successful business woman on the outside, Sailor is still the twelve-year-old child that was brutally raped on the inside. Love offered freely for who she is now, is finally able to break through the pain her soul had harbored for so long.


Daddy’s Supper Tales is a family memoir of sorts. I share some of my daddy’s most beloved stories that he told nightly around our family supper table, plus a little family genealogy and photos. This was mostly written for family, but after repeated requests from others I decided to share it with everyone.


Daughtry follows the romance of two very different people after they find three items that tie their family destines together. Set at an archeological dig in South Dakota, the story travels to New York and then on to Kinsale, Ireland. A certain meadow in Ireland was the place of rejected love in the 1700’s, but destiny brings the descendants of that love back to the same meadow for the rebirth of what was meant to be from the beginning.


A little bit about Author Delores Walker: As of now her Promise Trilogy is in the hands of a Christian movie producer, she has done a commercial with Kraft Corporation, and her books are available at Amazon and in several stores and book stores. She also  writes a bi-weekly column called Afterthoughts for the TaCoTimes in Perry, Florida. She ends her interview  by saying,  "In my 75th year of life I just might have stumbled into my life’s calling."


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Hanna's Inc will give you a taste of the good life!

I am here with the  talented chef and owner of Hanna's Inc, a catering company filled with all kinds of deliciousness! Carol Hanna is a close personal friend of mine and I have had the priviledge of eating one of her delectable entrées and I need to share her amazing cooking abilities with the world!


Me: So Carol, Tell me more about Hanna's, Inc.


Carol: Whether you’re planning for a special occasion such as a wedding or just have an upcoming meeting, you need to make an impact. This is where we come in. Hanna's Inc. can help you leave a lasting impression on your guests, co-workers, and clients. Let us plan and cater for your next event and give them a taste of the good life. We offer services from event planning, coordination, proposal planning, our very own online coffee shop and brand, catering, bakery and so much more.


Me: What is the price range? And how far does an order have to be placed in advance?


Carol: Most events need to be booked at least 3 months in advance for big events such as weddings, concerts, etc. However, if it is a catering service, small event or just need some last minute help we can do a day or so if we are available but we encourage at least 7-10 days in advance.


Me: What regional areas do you cater to?


Carol: We are based out of Tennessee and travel to our clients. We serve clients throughout  Tennessee, Florida, the  Carolinas,  New York and the Eastern US regions. For   our catering services, we offer a variety of food from a home cooked to a fine dining experience.


Me: What is the best part of owning your own catering business?


Carol: The best part of owning my own catering and planning business is that I get to serve others at an important moment of their lives while enjoying every second of it.


Me: What is the best meal you've made for an event?


Carol:  The best meal I have ever made for an event was lobster and shrimp and chicken pasta with garlic butter sauce, served with broccolini, a specialized salad, and one of our signature specialty sweet teas. It is my favorite because we got to dress the place up and serve this meal to homeless and low income families. It was one of the most memorable and favorite events.


Me: What's next for Hanna's Inc?


Carol: We have serval events coming up.  We will be making another cooking segment on WBIR-TV news on January 8th. Also we will be going on WATE-TV news on the 15th and 17th . Hanna's Inc puts on seasonal tastings and our Winter Tasting is on February 8, 2019. This year we have partnered with American Cancer Society and are making it a tasting fundraiser. Tickets are on sale and you can buy tickets off of our website, Facebook events, and on If you just want that personal touch you can always call one of us here at Hanna's Inc and buy your tickets that way as well.


You can contact Hanna's Inc:

855-4A-TASTE (855-428-2783)


 Social media:

Missionary Matt Drane

Missionary Matt Drane's advice on Ministry

I am here with Matt Drane who is a full time missionary for Chi Alpha Christian Ministries at the University of Memphis. Thank you for being with me today Matt! I wanted to ask you a few questions!


Me: How does someone get into full time ministry? 


Matt: It may look a little different for everyone, but step one will always involve prayer and getting wise counsel from spiritual authority figures that God has placed in your life. What kind of ministry is the Lord leading you to? Are there any educational requirements (college/seminary)? Is there an internship to give you a feel for this kind of service? This will help shape what the next steps will be for the kind of ministry you want to pursue. Pray for a servant’s heart and that the Lord will give you a great love for people, these are the two most important qualities for being effective in ministry and it is never to early to start developing them.


Me:  What was your path of becoming a full time missionary?


Matt: After I graduated from college, I began serving part-time with the same campus ministry that was instrumental in my spiritual growth during my time as a student. After my wife and I had our first child, we really felt the Lord directing us to full-time ministry. We stepped out in faith and transitioned out of our other jobs to begin raising the financial support we would need to serve as campus missionaries. This involved a long season of sharing our calling with individuals, families, and churches who would have a heart to partner with us in reaching university students with the love of Jesus. There was also an application and screening process with the organization we are affiliated with (Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship) to be recognized and appointed to serve as missionaries with their network.


Me: What advice would you give to those who are first starting out in the ministry field?


Matt: Find a mentor who is willing to meet with you, someone who is several years ahead of you in ministry or who is where you would like to be as a minister some day. Their wisdom and advice will be invaluable as you are starting out.


Me:  What are some problems or pitfalls that you've encountered along the way?


Matt: Be careful that you do not allow ministry to be all-encompassing in your life, taking time away from your family and your personal time with God. For many, ministry service can easily become an idol, so that is something to be on guard against. Your biggest responsibility in ministry is to maintain your own relationship with God and develop into the person He wants you to be. And your first ministry after the Lord is to your family, so prioritize the things that help keep those relationships healthy.




 You can listen to any of Matt's sermons on his ministry’s podcast:


You can follow Matt:

Twitter: @xaMattDrane


Amd go here for more information about his ministry:

Author Judy Lindquist

The "historical" Author Judy Lindquist!

I wanted to feature author Judy Lindquist for the month of November. She is an exceptional writer of historical fiction as well as a teacher in Orlando. Thank you Judy for answering some of my questions today!:  


Me: You are an author of two books "Forcing Change" and "Saving Home." Tell me about your books?   


Judy: Both are middle grade Historical fiction, so for kids ages 8-13 years old or so, although I have been told by many adults who have read them that they enjoyed the story and learned something new! “Forcing Change” has also been awarded the 2018 James J Horgan Award for an outstanding publication designed to get kids excited about Florida History and heritage. And it also won the 2018 KidsShelf Books Award for cover art. The artist Michael Hallberg created the beautiful cover art for my publisher, FHS Press  


Me: What do you hope readers will take away from your books?  


Judy: My vocation in life is to get kids excited about reading, writing, and history. Everything I do from my teaching to my writing is to that end. I would say my hope is that kids realize that history is really just the stories of the lives of those who lived in the past ( and not just dates and dead people!)  


Me: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to write books?  


Judy: My advice is always to first figure out what it is you want to accomplish with your writing. What is your mission. Then write, write, write, write, and write. Take any feedback you can to help you grow as writer. Persevere. It was a 7 year process to find a publisher for my first book, and in spite of advice to give up and just self-publish, I held on. So do not give up on your dreams. 


Me: What are some upcoming events that you are involved with?  


Judy: My website and facebook page 

are always up to date. I do many school visits, book signings, and author events ( usually about one or two a month) so that is the best way to stay up to date.


You can buy Judy Lindquist’s books on her website as well as through her publisher ( Florida Historical Society Press) and Barnes and Noble, as well as Amazon! Pick up a copy today! 

Author Jalyn Isley

Catching up with Author Jalyn Isley!

I wanted to spotlight author Jalyn Isley for this month's featured piece. She is the author of the book "The Fruit of Your Spirit." She is also a success coach and motivational speaker. I had the joy of interviewing Jalyn about her faith and her writings.


Me: What is your book about?


Jayln: The book shares nine key principles that will help you achieve your purpose and enjoy life along the way.


Me: What was your inspiration behind writing your book and what is the message you want your readers to learn from your books?


Jayln: I was inspired to write this book during a time in my life when I was blessed to have an amazing career, family and lifestyle, but I was also stressed out and unfulfilled. God showed me nine important principles that would change all of that for me. Those principles are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control. When we operate from these principles, the fruit of our spirits will be a purpose-driven, fulfilling life that allows us to leave a great legacy in this world.


Me: What advice would you give others wanting to write a book for the first time or those who want to start a writing career?


Jayln: If you are looking to write a book or start a career in writing, get an accountability partner as soon as possible! It’s so easy to put off writing, but the world misses out when we do not share our message. This is an important calling – we wouldn’t have the Bible if people neglected to write down their messages. So get an accountability partner to help you prioritize your book and career. You were born to write!


Me: Do you have another project or book you are working on? Do you have any speaking engagements coming up? If so, can you explain.


Jayln: Yes, I’ll be speaking on career advancement at the Educated & Broke event on October 13th.

I am also working on a project that encourages all of us to use our faith and spiritual teachings when we are at work. 


You can contact Jayln here:

 Instagram: JalynIsley

Facebook: Jalyn Isley – Success Coach

YouTube: Jalyn Isley

LinkedIn: Jalyn Isley LLC



You can purchase Jayln's book here:

Christian Musician: Jacki Drane

For the month of August, I wanted to spotlight a Christian musician, Jacki Drane!


  Me: What would you say is the hardest part as a musician?  


Jacki: In music there is quite a bit of waiting. I’m a person that likes everything to go fast, so waiting on things in any kind of process is always hard for me. With music, especially producing songs, it often feels like you hurry up to wait. Sometimes I struggle to not become discouraged during those waiting periods. I also feel like I have learned quite a bit in the seasons of waiting (like that I need to be a little more patient). Even though waiting is hard, I am thankful for how it has taught me that it is ok to slow down sometimes and make sure I get things right instead of rushing.  


Me:  How do you come up with your own lyrics?


  Jacki: Usually I write songs after contemplating different passages of Scripture or when I am processing something with the Lord in prayer. So, honestly, most of my lyrics are just born out of heartfelt prayer that I put to piano or guitar. I have found that singing what is in my heart as a prayer to the Lord helps me really think about what I am saying, and singing about Scripture helps me to really break down and think about what is written in God’s Word.


  Me: What is the process involved in the making of an album for your songs?  


Jacki: So far I’ve only released one album (though we are working on something right now). It takes a few years of writing, and then we pick which songs will go on the album and fit the feel of what I want to come across. Most of the songs I write don’t ever make it to an album. With my first album, Prepare the Way, the focus was having a life focused and centered the Kingdom of God. Once I’ve written many songs, we select the ones that fit best. From there, I will meet with my producer, get into the studio, and start working. The whole process usually takes at least a year or two.  


Me: What advice would you give anyone who’s looking to go into a music career?


  Jacki: I’d say you have to believe in yourself and really love what you do. Don’t wait on someone else to believe in you, believe in yourself and get to work. And IT WILL BE WORK. You have to practice. You have to work to be the best you possibly can be and then work to become even better. You have to be willing to hear the word “no” over and over again and not give up. If you don’t love it, you likely won’t get very far. Pursuing music can be really discouraging at times. If you do love it, you won’t really care about the discouraging moments because ultimately you love what you do and believe in the music you are creating.  


For more information about Jacki and her music, you can visit her website:


Or go to her facebook page: